Hilco Terracota Assets Administrator


Hilco Terracota is a recognized Credits Administrator founded in 2001 by his current General Director, Guillermo Malo Bahena.
CEO, Alejandro Schwedhelm, General Director and main Hilco Terracota coworkers, were pioneers in Mexico solving Operadora Auritec (1994) and GMAC-RFC (1998) pending accounts.

With more than a decade operating, Hilco Terracota:

  • Has complied mandates of more tan 50 customers.
  • Has administrated more than 35,000 overdue and on due term credits.
  • Has performed master administration of more than 200,000 credits.

As part of Hilco Global now, through Hilcomex, Hilco Terracota continues with its trajectory in the mexican market, strengthtening itself by:

  • New capital resources to sustain its growth.
  • Access to Hilco Receivables market practices in E.U.A.
  • Widening its directive team and expanding its Board members.
  • Possibility to support the financial assets in the local market.

Hilco Terracota administrates actives for more than US$450 million approximately.