Two of Nordstrom's 6 Flagships to be in Canada

May 28, 2015
HRC Advisory President Farla Efros is interviewed about Nordstrom's decision to move two of it's flagship locations to downtown Canadian cities.

Retail Insider recently published an article highlighting Nordstrom's decision to have two of it's six flagship locations located in downtown Canadian cities, Toronto and Vancouver. HRC Advisory President Farla Efros was questioned by Retail Insider providing her perspective on this decision by Nordstrom. Efros goes on to explain that the two stores will serve as tourist attractions as well as catering to higher income residents in these downtown areas. She further details how the Toronto Eaton Centre and the Pacific Centre, the respective locations for the Toronto and Vancouver stores, are both ideal centralized locations within their cities. Read the full article below.


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Source: Retail Insider